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Counselling, Melbourne

About Haven Psychotherapy & Counselling

Everyone needs a safe haven.

From the earliest moments in life, we crave safety. Safety could be a space, a person, or even a state of mind we feel comforted and secure in.

That feeling is what Haven strives to provide for every individual we see.

A space you’re free to explore what’s troubling you, with gentle guidance and without judgement. 

A team of specially trained psychotherapists to listen, nurture, and guide you.

A state of mind that allows you the breathing space you need to work through painful thoughts and feelings.

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Thinking Man

A holistic approach to the mind, body, and emotions

At Haven, your therapeutic process is guided by your unique personality, circumstances, and preferences. We use a combination of evidence-based interventions in a safe and non-judgemental space to assist you with:

Increasing your awareness of how the mind and body work together to survive

Identifying old, tired belief patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you

Identifying harmful thoughts and blocked feelings

Increasing your flexibility in thinking

Learning to regulate your feelings so they don’t overwhelm you

Moving toward transformation and healing for a brighter future

Visit our blog to find out more about our approaches to therapy and how they could work for you.

"Jacqui`s work has been integral across many areas of my life.  Jacqui`s style is sensitive, thought provoking and the therapy is effective. Highly recommended and not just across times of crisis, the work is also preventative and it helps you to understand your own psyche insightfully and physically"

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