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Feeling safety in a relationship is something we all crave from our earliest moments in life. Having a safe haven, or safe space, to go to when we need help is an absolute necessity when we have painful thoughts and feelings to work through.

Even when our relationships are strong, sometimes we need an outside perspective, an objective and trained eye and ear, to help us navigate the sometimes challenging terrain of the human life. 

Our team of psychotherapists are specially trained in the art of providing that nurturing, caring and non-judgemental space that’s necessary to feel safe so that you have the opportunity to work through what’s troubling you. 

Our expertise also lies in our integrative approach to therapy and the ability to use the right combination of interventions needed to reach your therapeutic goals. We use a combination of strategies to make transformation and healing a real possibility because they cater to your unique situation.

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This is a holistic approach which works with the mind, emotions and body. We will work with you to identify unhelpful thoughts and blocked feelings.

We also help to increase awareness of how our bodies and minds work together to establish survival strategies. These, together with old, tired patterns, are established to help us cope, but prevent us from living our best lives. 

Therapy sessions are underpinned by a client-centred approach which means we aim to provide a safe and non-judgmental space to help you work through what brings you to therapy.  A combination of evidence-based interventions is then specifically designed to support your unique therapeutic process. 

Our blog is a great resource to find out more about our approaches to therapy and how it may work for you.

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"Jacqui`s work has been integral across many areas of my life.  Jacqui`s style is sensitive, thought provoking and the therapy is effective. Highly recommended and not just across times of crisis, the work is also preventative and it helps you to understand your own psyche insightfully and physically"

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