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Psychotherapy & Counselling, Melbourne/Mornington Peninsula

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions are based on a professional and confidential relationship that aims to help you develop personal goals and equip you with tools you can use to make meaningful and purposeful changes.

Individual therapy sessions cover a wide range of interventions and strategies that could assist you with:

Stress and anxiety

Relationship breakdowns

Loss of a loved one

Feelings of depression

Unprocessed traumatic experiences

Managing symptoms

Developing tools to regulate your emotions

Building awareness and insight into your own mind

Working on deeply ingrained patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving

Working on the issues holding you back from living your best possible life

Individual therapy

Couples Counselling/Therapy

Couples therapy aims to provide a non-judgemental and neutral space in which your therapist helps guide you toward uncovering your barriers to a high-functioning and satisfying relationship as a couple.

Couples therapy sessions look at:

Identifying harmful patterns of behaviour and communication in your relationship

External factors that may be contributing to your barriers as a couple

Establishing healthier ways of communicating that lead to connection rather than conflict

Examining past hurts and betrayals, and how they affect your relationship right now

Learning about how stress and trauma have significant impact on your ability to connect and relate

Learning ways to recover from past hurts and move forward into a better phase in your relationship

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Couples counselling

Courses & workshops

Therapy doesn’t always have to happen behind closed doors, and our courses and workshops are a great way to learn tools and strategies to enhance your quality of life.

Our courses and workshops cover:

Current and emerging trends in psychology that could benefit your wellbeing

Workshopping ideas and strategies, and challenging harmful belief patterns

Resources and materials to guide you

Opportunities for social connection

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courses and workshops



Individual Session $140 - $160 /50 mins 

Individual Long Session $210 - $240 / 80-90 mins

Couples Session $160 /50 min

Couples Long Session $240  / 80-90 mins


You do not need to have a mental health plan to see our therapists.

"I would highly recommend Jacqui if you are looking for an empathic, genuine and skilled psychotherapist and counsellor. I found our sessions extremely helpful, and immediately felt safe and understood with Jacqui.  All of our sessions were through telehealth, which I found extremely convenient and I did not feel it took away from the experience at all.

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